Saturday, 20 December 2008

Meeting With The Project Manager (Mark)

Yesterday morning we met with Mark to go through the plan and the design and to discuss particulars around the construction.

Mark said that the pouring of the slab has been delayed a bit. Here is the revised schedule:

- Mon 22 Dec 08: Continue/Complete site preparation. Level building platform.
- Tue 23 Dec 08: As above.
- Wed 24 Dec 08: START Christmas Closedown.
- Sun 4 Dec: END Christmas Closedown.
- Mon 5 Jan 08: Pouring of the Slab.
- Tue 6 Jan 08: As above.
- Wed 7 Jan 08: START - No Activity Planned.
- Tue 13 Jan 08: END - No Activity Planned.
- Wed 14 Jan 08: Delivery of Timber Frames and Windows & Doors.

Yesterday, we also went to the block to whipper-snipper the grass around the fence line (I like to keep the site tidy ;-)

We noticed that the site fencing has been fixed too, it has been extended and goes around the entire perimiter of our block.

The boys decided to play in a nearby huge dirt pile and decided to start throwing dirt at each other while I was whipper-snippering - look what happened to Tommy: NOT HAPPY with these boys!

That's it for now...

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