Friday, 7 November 2008

Goodbye, Farewell (To Wendy Our Pre-Construction Co-ordinator)

Yesterday we had an email and a call from Wendy who is/was our Pre-Construction Co-ordinator at Masterton Homes.

Wendy called to let us know that she had passed our file on to the Constructon Planning and Programming department. She said that it was a sad day for her as she had to pass our file on and that she had a tear in her eye. I must say we will really miss dealing with Wendy - she is the greatest and has a great sense of humour (well, she needs to when dealing with me)!

Wendy has been wonderful to us as she has been there for all of our ups and downs during the planning phase. Wendy never hessitated once when we called her with a problem or a question. She made this part of the building process such a breeze, which we thought was going to be very stressful. We have been through this part of the process a few times with other builders and it was not easy, with Masterton it was a snack!

So, now we are really moving, it's all so exciting and we just have to say again Masterton is doing a WONDERFUL job.

We are off to Sydney today to take the whole family up to see the display home in Kellyville. Everyone is so excited. They are all so excited about going to Sydney (but that is probably due to the fact that the place we are staying at (in Parklea) has a swimming pool ;-)

More updates later...

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