Saturday, 12 April 2008

MOVING Time, MOVING to the Country...

Weeeelll we have come to the end of our 8 week Settlement period. This weekend we are starting to really move. We have found a two bedroom house (I dont know how 6 of us will live there but we will be comfy LOL).

The kids are off on school on holidays now so I reckon that I will just stay at the old house for most of it as the kids have thier mates in the street to play with and their bikes and stuff. I also finished up at work, it still hasn't hit me that I don't have a job anymore yet i'm gonna miss the gals in my team, they have become such a HUGE part of my life and I dont think I will ever get anything close to that again.

Well the Beechwood house plans are now at Neighbour Consultation and will be finished on the 29th, once that's done we should be done with Council YAHHHIIESS then we can go to the Beechwood head office and start to choose our stuff OMG I cant wait :-)

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