Saturday, 25 August 2007

We bought our land

Yahhhooo we have done it we bought our block of land out in the country. It is 1039 sq metres so it's 1.5 times bigger than what we are on now. So now the fun starts, we are currently waiting on a call back from the builder to let us know if we can have the house we want on the block of land. Now we have to get the house up to scratch to sell it. I just hope that we have better luck this time, will probably have to ask my guiding angels to help!

Here are some pictures of our wonderful view:

Hubby has 2 work mates also moving in to the same street which is gonna be a challenge LOL but they are both great families and we are very lucky to have them to become our neighbours, one has bought across the road, the other at the end of the street.


rico said...

Great pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Tarin. So happy for ya! Great photos!

Love Suzie xoxo